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Not the typical consulting firm...

There are lots of consultants out there. We’re sure some of them are very good at what they do. But what makes us different?

We’re seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with decades of hands-on experience running our own business operations and making our clients successful. Our experience allows us to do what others can’t—look at your business holistically.

We’ve been there on the front lines: writing and executing award-winning business plans and marketing plans, developing standalone and web-based applications to solve complex business needs or to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and raising millions in funding from angel and venture capital investors. We’ve played a key role in generating billions of dollars in revenue.

We’re always growing so we can help others grow, and we’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years that we’re happy to share. Our passion is helping businesses become great successes—helping them transform into something more.

The bottom line: we know what it means to be “in business” and not just write or theorize about it. Let Brass Ring Consulting Group be your guide.


Award-winning years in business

$2 bil+

Client revenue

22 mil+

Consumers reached

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Put our expertise to work for YOU...

marketing consultant

Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, we're experts at everything B2B to B2C: from CRM to marketing automation systems, to internet marketing services such as SEO marketing services and SEM / PPC search engine marketing services, to traditional marketing and brand-building, loyalty, affiliate and referral programs. Think of us as your award-winning virtual Marketing Department (or a supplement to your existing Marketing team).

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business plan writers

Business Plans & PPMs

We create rock-solid, comprehensive business plan and PPM documents that speak to investors and the professionals they hire. We never work from templates, and we've raised millions of dollars with our proven, effective approach. We're affordable, with a fast turnaround. When put in front of investors, 100% of our plans have received funding.

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startup funding

Venture Funding

Let's face it: raising money from angel investors and VC firms is difficult. Even applying for SBA funding is a challenge. We've been there many times and know exactly how to do it successfully and without legal worries by preparing PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) and other documents that protect both you and your investors. (We even consider funding special projects ourselves.)

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web development

Technology & Web Development

Web development, application development, proprietary algorithms, big data analytics, cloud hosting, custom integrations, eCommerce platforms, loyalty and referral programs... we know how to bring it all together.

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product strategy

Product Strategy

Launching a new brand or introducing a new product? We'll help you build a solid go-to-market plan and protect your intellectual property. Don't have a "brand" yet? We'll help you come up with one.

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business organization

Finance Consulting

Avoid pitfalls down the road by putting in place a well-considered business entity and finance structure that allows for equity and debt funding, vested stock grants, employee profit-sharing and more.

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Our "holistic" approach...

Every project is unique, and we tailor our approach around what’s best for your timeline, requirements, and your budget.  But in general, we like to approach each project with these four steps…

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Phase 1
Understanding Your Business / Product

After we've executed a confidentiality agreement, our first mission is to understand your business or product in as much depth as possible within the scope of our engagement. Regardless of the area of focus, we take a holistic approach. It's imperative that our work aligns with your business objectives, so the initial meetings are dedicated to bringing together various stakeholders to understand your big-picture plans. New Clients: take the first step with a free 60 minute consultation session!
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Phase 2
Scope and Project Plan

Armed with a holistic view of your business or product, Phase 2 involves defining the scope of our engagement and the project plan / timeline for the work to be completed. We'll conform to your project management style, whether "Agile" or "Waterfall" or some hybrid approach, so you know what to expect — and when to expect it.
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Phase 3

As we perform our work for you, expect lots of communication. We'll set up regular touch-base meetings so you have full visibility on the project as it progresses and evolves. Particularly if you wish to work with an "Agile"-style project management methodology, you'll have opportunities along the way to reshape the project on the way to completion.
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Phase 4

Upon completion of the project, you'll receive all working materials. We'll walk you through all of it with a retrospective meeting, so we leave no loose ends. Since your business is ever evolving, the "retro" meeting may also uncover new, previously unrecognized opportunities for business growth and might lead to further engagements.

Frequently asked questions

Although we do have a few services you can book online with basic fixed pricing (see Book Services in the menu at the top of the page), we don’t have a pre-fabricated template for pricing on everything we do since every project is unique. Your business deserves better! we would rather understand your particular needs first and give you an exact quote. Pricing may be on a monthly retainer basis for longer-term projects with more inclusions, or based on a flat rate quote for short term or task-oriented projects. We have small business rates and large enterprise rates. We set up bundled service pricing and even revenue-sharing partnerships for special projects. What’s best for your business is best for our business. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project.

We are equipped to handle clients internationally, no matter where they are located. We’re headquartered in downtown Los Angeles and also work from beautiful Laguna Beach, but have an office presence in over 3,000 locations around the world. We rely on Zoom / TeamViewer screen sharing for day-to-day communication with remote clients, but we will travel to your location as needed, especially in the early phase of getting to know you and as we reach various milestones.

Yes. We have raised many millions of dollars in early-stage investment funding for various ventures. We can introduce your project to our network of investors. Our founders themselves even invest in special projects they believe in (strong emphasis on businesses based and operating in Southern California). Getting funded depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is the business concept, the risk vs. reward, proof of concept / social validation, and the experience of your management team. We help new businesses pull all of that together.

We are not a “broker-dealer” and therefore cannot act as your “offering agent.” If we do approach an investor on your behalf, it will be in an introductory role. We do not take any commission for funding received by you. What we provide is support in legally executing a fundraising campaign that protects both you and your investors. There are very specific things you can and can’t do when raising money, and we steer you clear of any problem areas. There are also many options available to you regarding ways to raise investment capital, and we advise you on the approach that best fits you.

We’re in the process of building a Regulation CF online funding portal… join our email list to get news of our launch!

We use a combination of outsourced developers and in-house developers depending on the project. Our default is to use our in-house developers.

You do, 100%. Unlike some agencies that maintain control/ownership of the working files for marketing materials they design, we turn everything over to you. We don’t hold you hostage. If you would like us to revise the work in the future, we’re here for you. Otherwise you can take the files to another agency of your choice for future revisions.

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